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Bogota has had one of the longest lockdowns during covid-19 pandemic, leading to the closure of over 40% of its restaurants.

On the 4th of September, the local government launched the program "Bogota a cielo abierto" the reopening of 100 streets for outdoor dining and reactivate their services.

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source. restaurante el santandereano

The market plaza
“la perseverancia'' was eager to join this initiative 


But It quickly realized that reopening into its adjacent public space only allowed for half of its usual capacity due to social distancing regulations.

Our design solution was to think of physical distancing not only as a horizontal solution but rather as a vertical one.

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We believe that scaffolding is an appropriate solution to the pandemic reality due to its low cost, short construction time, and ephemerality.  As such it was a material that was central to “the vertical distancing” design. 

The private sector plays an important role in the realization of the project as they donated the material as an advertising opportunity.  Additionally,  they ensured quality and safety for the user.

Video by Andemic Certificados s.a.s.

Through a simple addition of textiles that contrast the rough tectonics of the scaffolding, we designed a safe outdoor dining solution that aided a gastronomic center thrive in the pandemic reality.


the project generated an increase of 280% in visitors in just the first month



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Taller Architects.

Carolina Moreno.
Pablo Luque.



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Andres Toquica.


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Aug 2020.

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