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[in]habiting rubble_

San Andres y Providencia

At the middle of the pandemic, hurricane Iota struck the Caribbean coast of central and South America leaving disastrous outcome for thousands of people in the San Andres and Providence Islands.  

We collaborated with “Eeight” to donate a design that could be easily implemented by the local communities. We wanted our design to be made of accessible materials in the island for quick construction. Although the hurricane destroyed most of the local industrial production and left only rubble....

Our design solution was to think of rubble not as trash but as an opportunity.  

Through the atomization of rubble and placing it into nylon sacks (highly accessible materials), we are able to arrive to a “rubble brick”.

The process not only enabled a sustainable construction, 

But was able to create jobs and clear up the debris left by the hurricane.  

By covering up the walls with a thin layer of pigmented concrete, the design is able to resonate with local culture.

On the second level, the design gives the possibility of future expansion through wood tectonics and local building techniques.


Giving the possibility of customization of the second floor to every user!


We are able to arrive to a warm and folkloric atmosphere that invites natural light.  



Luis Felipe Ramon

Dec 2020.

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