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CONCORDIA_01_Exterior 2.jpg

Amphitheatre La Concorida_



Based on the results from La Perse_, the city hall opened to Colab-19 the doors of “La Concordia Market Plaza” aiming to achieve another solution as we did for La Perse_ but in a “better level”.


We say in a “better level” because this one began from the mistakes that we discovered across the life of our previous project, the reason why on this new one our mission was:


1. Not to privatize the public space.
2. The project should be accessible and safe for kids.


Designing a solution of reactivation for this plaza means to generate spaces that should be flexible. Unlike La Perse, on this plaza you can find not only food and market service, it also offers multiple retail, shops and even a theatre.

CORTE USO 1 (1).jpg

Our design solution was to move and empower the theatre to the outdoor, so, the Amphitheatre idea just born, with the façade (heritage building) as the scenography of the stage, with a koilon divided into three services, retail, dining, and public space.

materiality detail 2.jpg

Due to the partnership between the city and Layher Scaffolding we got the chance to play with these rigid and German elements one more time and to mix it with the translucent, rustic, natural, and a national fabric called, “yute”. 

CONCORDIA_04_Detail 2.jpg

YUTE is the same fabric used to create the bags for packing potatoes).

CONCORDIA_02_Interior 2.jpg

The result, is a magnificent structure that offers a concert, a kitchen class, a mass or a yoga session with flexible spaces

CONCORDIA_02_Interior 1.jpg

on the first floor that serves the public space with new retail

CONCORDIA_02_Interior 3.jpg

a second floor that offers spaces for outdoor dining or spectators (depending on the use)

CONCORDIA_03_Rooftop Park 2.jpg

and a third floor that is open to the public as a green rooftop with a panoramic view of the city.

CONCORDIA_03_Rooftop Park 1.jpg

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SCA. Colombian Society of Architects.
IPES Bogota
Layher Andamios
Henry Gualdron.
Taller Architects.



Alberto Roa


Dec 2020.

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