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As cities decide to reactivate their public spaces after the pandemic, urban parks are experiencing an increase in usage.

Citizens around the global crave natural spaces after undergoing strict quarantines in their homes for a prolonged period of time.

source.  Domink Park, NYC

How do we assure a sustainable social distancing in open areas that are hard to regulate?

Our design leaps out of the traditional architectural discipline and into the landscape art realm to find innovative solutions that could be applied.

source.  Lee Kun-Yong

These sculptures have little to no intervention in the existing landscapes because they reorganize elements present in them.

source.  Richard Long

Unlike landscape sculptures, our desing  reorganizes a process common in all urban parks: the process of mowing the grass.

 the grass is grown

and then it is mown. . . 

Using the mundane and quotidian act of mowing, social distancing clouds are drawn into the grass.

Because the design is based on the idea of re-adapting a process that already occurs,  Implementing the project has practically no additional costs!

Since the design is so easily modifiable, the clouds can be reshaped to fit a diversity of uses depending on the current distancing regulations.

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