Alhambra's cross

Temporary open-air church created for 'pandemic Easter' in Bogota.

semana santa claudia lopez.jpg

Bogota's major announced that Easter celebrations were to be restricted and limited.


Colab-19 approached Bogota's archdiocese in order to donate a temporary church.

iglesia aaaa.JPG

"Parroquia Santa Maria de la Alhambra". was the one in more need of this donation.


They don't have an existing temple, just bought a house, right before the pandemic began. Suffering as well the consequences like many other sectors of the city.

Our first step of action was to think about keeping the Christianity architectural language

The Greek Cross type

and the second one, seek to recycle systems related to the construction in order to achieve no waste in our new experiment

sistema graf.jpg

 "horizontal framework"

(a system used to cast concrete slabs)

a system that today is considered outdated due to the evolution of the system itself.


A hazard to our environment with many pieces to arrive in many landfills around the world for the next years.

our approach is to offer a recycled and recyclable design.


The Colombian Society of Architects joined us under their program #architectureforlife


with their support we were able to enhance public-private partnership with the donation of the system by equinorte.


CESCA a student's collective organization from the Colombia Society of Architects played also an important role, they were the link with young students from different architectural schools to start  assembling the temporary church



Arquidiocesis de Bogota.

Colombian Society of Architects.



Drone image by David Carretero; other photography by Alberto Roa


April 2021.