We are a laboratory of  architecture dedicated to designing spaces for post-pandemic situations.



Founded in the middle of 2020 the pandemic, colab-19  questions the model of contemporary architectural practice, traditional building methods and the ways in which we inhabit our cities.





-Having never physically met, we work remotely from Bogotá and London. 

-We prioritize ephemerality sustainability and economics in our design process to define a post pandemic architecture. 

-We push for collaborations between the private/public sectors and academia to develop innovative designs.



Wine & Dessert Party

Alejandro Saldarriaga

Colombian Architect.

He is a candidate for  a Master's degree in Architecture II from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

He believes that architecture is the creation of a memorable experience through the organization of materials.

German Bahamon

Colombian Architect.

Founding partner of colab-19 holds a Master's degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University.

He believes that cities are living beings made of shared complex systems in constant change.

the collaborations between public, private and academic sectors are necessary to empower our cities in a more resilient way.



There has never been a better time to redesign the world.


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alhambra's cross_



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[in]habiting rubble_

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 “We see this moment as the turbo that will improve the quality of life in our cities. With many more outdoor than indoor activities, reason why we started designing for the forthcoming booming.”


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